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The Maine Show Podcast was launched in August 2015. The goal of the show is to share the stories behind the people, events, and ideas driving the state of Maine forward. For hundreds of years Mainers have come together around campfires, fishing holes, wood stoves, and kitchen tables to tell stories. At its purest form, that is what The Maine Show is all about. New episodes are launched each Tuesday morning at 7:00 am EST.
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Jun 28, 2016
Episode 043 - How to Climb Mt. Katahdin

In this episode, Ben sits down with friends Bob Williams, Jason Bird, and Tom Lasko to talk about how to climb Maine's tallest mountain.  This is a pure amateur's perspective on hiking Mt. Katahdin: how much water should you bring, what's the bathroom situation, what are the best trails to use, etc.  Even if you have no desire to climb Mt. Katahdin this is a lively conversation about one of Maine's proudest spots that should interest people of differing skill sets and interest levels. 

Find all past episodes of The Maine Show at and connect with host Ben Sprague on Twitter @bensprague.  

Jun 21, 2016
Episode 042 - Video game designer Chuck Carter

Chuck Carter, Owner of Eagre Games Inc., talks about his design work on Myst, doing work for NASA, and about his latest project: Zed.  He also talks about growing the video game industry in Maine and what is needed to keep young people here and to help companies like his be successful.  

Find Chuck and Eagre Games on Twitter and Facebook and on the web at  

Find host Ben Sprague on Twitter @bensprague and connect about story ideas and to offer feedback.  

Jun 14, 2016
Episode 041 - Jamie McDonough on completing an Ironman, Explore Bangor

In this episode, Jamie McDonough tells the story of completing an Ironman (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run), moving with her family to Maine, and opening Explore Bangor, a shop that specializes in bike, kayak, and paddle board tours in the greater Bangor area.

Find Explore Bangor on Facebook and Instagram and at  For past and future episodes of the Maine Show visit and follow host Ben Sprague on Twitter @bensprague.  

Jun 9, 2016
Bonus Episode: Talking Bangor with Prof. Rob Glover & Christopher Burns

In this Bonus Episode of the Maine Show Podcast, Christopher Burns and Professor Robert Glover sit down with host Ben Sprague to talk about the characteristics that make a city successful and whether Bangor fits the bill.  

This podcast is based on an Atlantic Monthly piece by James Fallows and an article that Christopher wrote for the Bangor Daily News, which can be read at:

Connect with Rob Glover on Twitter @robglover2009 and Christopher Burns at @cburnsbdn.  Connect with host Ben Sprague @bensprague.  Find past episodes of the Maine Show Podcast at  


Jun 7, 2016
Episode 040 - Staci Creech on discipline, competitiveness, and golf

The top women's golfer in Maine, Staci Creech, stops into the studio to talk about discipline, competitiveness, and the game of golf.  We also dig into why Staci and her husband, Karlton, moved to the state of Maine two years ago and about the excitement of following University of Maine sports teams around the country.  

Follow Staci on Twitter @stacicreech.  Follow podcast host Ben Sprague on Twitter @bensprague.  Be sure to check back each Tuesday for a new episode!  

May 31, 2016
Episode 039 - Terry Stackhouse on TV journalism; life in Maine

Terry Stackhouse of WABI TV 5 drops by the studio to talk about the challenges and joys of local TV journalism, his thoughts on the media landscape in general, life in Maine, and some big changes ahead.  

Follow Terry on Twitter @terrystackhouse.  Connect with MSP host Ben Sprague on Twitter @bensprague and find all past episodes of the MSP at  

Photo courtesy of WABI TV 5.  

May 24, 2016
Episode 038 - Gretchen Heldmann

Forester, planner, GIS expert, bartender: these are just some of the titles that apply to Gretchen Heldmann.  In today's podcast, we talk with this University of Maine graduate about her work on the Town of Eddington Planning Board, her interest and expertise in the Maine woods, and how to get involved with local government.  

Follow Gretchen on Twitter @gheldmann.  Follow host Ben Sprague on Twitter @bensprague.  Download past episodes of The Maine Show on iTunes or at  

May 17, 2016
Episode 037 - The County Co-Op & Farm Store featuring Jane Torres

Jane Torres sits down with us to talk about the County Co-Op & Farm Store, located on Main Street in Houlton, and why more and more people are choosing to buy local food.  This is also a conversation about local economy, health, living deliberately, and young people moving back to Maine and The County specifically.  

Find the County Co-Op & Farm Store on Facebook at  

Connect with host Ben Sprague on Twitter @bensprague or on Facebook at  Find all past episodes of the Maine Show at  

May 10, 2016
Episode 036 - Caribou Office of the National Weather Service

Donald Dumont, a Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service Office in Caribou, talks about why the NWS has local offices around the country, how weather forecasting has changed over time, how the NWS is using social media to help the United States be a "weather ready nation," and how one Facebook post from the Caribou office got viewed by 53 million people.

Follow the NWS Caribou Office on Twitter at @NWSCaribou and on Facebook.  Access weather forecasts for eastern, central, and northern Maine at  

Connect with host Ben Sprague on Twitter at @bensprague or on Facebook.  Access other episodes of the Maine Show Podcast at or on iTunes.  



May 3, 2016
Episode 035 - Susan MacKay of Cerahelix

Dr. Susan MacKay, CEO of Cerahelix, talks about how a smallstart up company in Orono is using ceramics to tackle the globalchallenges of water purification.  She also discusses doingbusiness in the State of Maine, the challenges of being a start up,and how to develop an idea into a successful business venture.

Find more about Cerahelix at or find them onFacebook or Twitter @cerahelix.  Connect with host Ben Spragueon Twitter @bensprague and find all past episodes of the Maine Showat



Apr 26, 2016
Episode 034 - Maine author and columnist Sarah Smiley

Maine author and columnist Sarah Smiley reflects on her career, life as part of a military family, the joys of living in Maine, and why they have stayed here in the Pine Tree State.  

Connect with Sarah on Facebook at or on Twitter @sarahsmiley.  Connect with host Ben Sprague on Twitter @bensprague.  

View past podcast episodes at and check back each Tuesday for a new one!  


Apr 19, 2016
Episode 033 - Cathy Gordon on going viral, the Maine outdoors, and Gold Star families.

In this episode, Cathy Gordon, known to many as "the pink tree teacher," talks about what it was like to go viral, the lessons she and her students learned, and what she is doing now as one of the state's newest Registered Maine Guides with a special interest in the Gold Star Families.  

Find the Maine Show on Twitter @maineshow and connect with host Ben Sprague @bensprague.  Download all past and future episodes of The Maine Show podcast at  

Apr 12, 2016
Episode 032 - Renee Ordway on changes in journalism; state's cold-case squad

Former Bangor Daily News columnist Renee Ordway takes us behind the scenes of her 30 year journalism career and discusses the work she is doing now as part of the State of Maine's cold case squad.  

Visit for past and future episodes and follow the show on Twitter @maineshow.  Connect with host Ben Sprague on Twitter @bensprague and on Facebook at  

Photo credit: WFVX/WVII Bangor.  

Apr 5, 2016
Episode 031 - Robert Talbot

In this episode, long-time Bangor resident Robert Talbot shares his story from growing up on Carroll Street to joining the Army to intimately living the Civil Rights movement.  This is a personal tale with someone who is a great example of integrity and wisdom and has a living history to share.  

Be sure to check for all past and future episodes and connect with host Ben Sprague on Twitter @bensprague or on Facebook at  



Mar 29, 2016
Episode 030 - Diane Dickerson

What is the former Chair of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce doing in Bangor, Maine?  Answer: helping to turn around one of Bangor's most important institutions.  Diane Dickerson shares her story.  

Find the Maine Show on Twitter @maineshow.  A new episode comes out every Tuesday.  Follow host Ben Sprague on Twitter @bensprague and on Facebook at  

Mar 22, 2016
Special Edition - Nate Silver Live at the 2016 Maine Science Festival

In this Special Edition of the Maine Show Podcast, Nate Silver talks about his work analyzing politics, sports, and science and how he applies the scientific method and STEM skills to his journalistic pursuits.  Host Ben Sprague moderates this discussion with Nate as the keynote address of the 2016 Maine Science Festival.    

To follow Nate Silver's work, visit or follow him on Twitter @NateSilver538.  Nate's recent book, The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail, but Some Don't, is available for purchase now.  

Follow host Ben Sprague on Twitter @bensprague and listen to past episodes of the Maine Show at  

Mar 15, 2016
Episode 029 - Alexandra Hinrichs

Maine author Alexandra Hinrichs shares her story about writing Therese Makes a Tapestry, a children's book commissioned by the J. Paul Getty Museum.  Alexandra also talks about her background studying the History of Childhood, working for American Girl, and living in France.  

Therese Makes a Tapestry is available for purchase at the Briar Patch in Downtown Bangor or through Alex's website at  Follow Alex on Twitter at @puddlereader or on Facebook at  

Follow host Ben Sprague on Twitter @bensprague or on Facebook at  



Mar 8, 2016
Episode 028 - Dr. Noah Nesin

Dr. Noah Nesin, Chief Medical Officer at Penobscot Community Healthcare, talks about his previous work as a physician in rural Maine, how he ended up at PCHC, and what the challenges in today's healthcare landscape include.  From treating addiction to thinking about how hospitals and physicians should be compensated, Dr. Nesin walks us through a variety of important and timely healthcare topics in this podcast episode.  


Mar 1, 2016
Episode 027 - Dr. Jennifer Page of Hurricane Island

In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Page tells us about Hurricane Island, which is an actual island off the coast of Maine where students learn about sustainability and the natural world.  We also get into a discussion about women in science, teaching in general, and unplugging from technological devices.  

To learn more about Hurricane Island, visit or find them on Twitter @hurricaneIsfndn.  

MSPodcasters, Episode 024 guest David Patrick and his family experienced a fire in their apartment this past weekend.  Fortunately everyone made it out but David and his fiance, Caro, were taken to the hospital with burns (their infant son was okay).  An online fundraiser has been set up to support them during this difficult time.  Please consider making a donation:  



Feb 23, 2016
Episode 026 - Former UMaine Hockey Goalie Dan Sullivan

Former University of Maine hockey goaltender Dan Sullivan talks about his career as a Division I athlete and how he transitioned out of hockey and into being a health coach.  We talk nutrition, discipline, time management, and how to live a fuller life.  

To learn more about Dan visit and find him on Facebook at or Twitter @dsull30.  

Follow The Maine Show on Twitter @MaineShow and host Ben Sprague @bensprague or on Facebook at  

Feb 16, 2016
Episode 025 - Dr. Carol Sherman

Dr. Carol Sherman shares the framework of her new book, "You Matter to Me: The Unvarnished Truth about Love."  We also get into the writing process and talk about tips for getting published (including self-publishing).  

To find out more about Dr. Sherman's book or to purchase it, visit:

Find the Maine Show on Twitter @MaineShow and follow host Ben Sprague on Facebook at or Twitter @bensprague. 

Feb 9, 2016
Episode 024 - David Patrick

In this episode, University of Maine student and Outreach Coordinator for Maine Interfaith Power and Light, David Patrick, talks about race in the state of Maine as well as his efforts to create an edible park in the City of Bangor. 

This is an honest, refreshing, optimistic, though at times heart wrenching story of what it is like to be black in an overwhelmingly white state and to live deliberately with a commitment to family and a strong sense of purpose.  

Find Maine Interfaith Power and Light online at  Look for David on Facebook and Twitter.  



Feb 2, 2016
Episode 023 - The Story of Geaghan's

Larry and Andy Geaghan tell the story of how Geaghan's went from a struggling, barely-making it restaurant "at the back end of nowhere" to the 2016 Maine Restauranteurs of the Year.  This is a story of dedication, commitment, great food, awesome beer, and a family that would not give up.  

Find Geaghans at or on Facebook at or  



Jan 26, 2016
Episode 022 - Coach Richard Barron

In this episode Ben talks with the motivational, inspirational, and engaging coach of the University of Maine Women's Basketball team, Richard Barron.  Whether you're a basketball fan or not this episode is highly accessible for its discussion of discipline, work ethic, teamwork, and more.  Coach Barron recounts his previous coaching experiences at Baylor, NC State, and Princeton, what it's like to win four games in one season and then challenge for a league title soon after, and why Maine is drawing so many players from Europe.  

Follow Coach Barron on Twitter at @CoachBumaine and follow the UMaine Women's team at @blackbearsWBB.  Follow Ben Sprague on Twitter @bensprague and Facebook at  Find the podcast on iTunes or at

Show photo credit: ESPNw.  





Jan 19, 2016
Episode 021 - Lisa Liberatore

In this episode Ben sits down with Lisa Liberatore, owner of Lisa's Legit Burritos in Gardiner and Augusta as well as a key leader of Scratchpad Accelerator and Top Gun, two programs that are helping to grow small businesses in Maine.  Lisa is also a past member of the Gardiner City Council and in this episode shares her game plan for winning local office.  

Lisa has a great buy-local, buy-Maine message and is actively working to make this state a better, stronger place.  To find Lisa's Legit Burritos visit or find them on Facebook



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